From routine maintenance and standard field repairs, to comprehensive rebuilding and design modifications, we have the resources to respond to any of your piano service needs.

Please contact us for details and pricing for any of the following:

Comprehensive Repair, Rebuilding, and Design Options

We offer a comprehensive range of options for the restoration of both grand and upright pianos. From minor repairs to the replacement and redesign of major components, we find unique and appropriate repair solutions for the musical needs of each individual piano and piano owner. Swenson Piano works with manufacturers and suppliers of the highest quality component parts from throughout the world.

Structural Rebuilding Services

Whether you are looking to restore your piano with its original musical characteristics intact, or to modify and enhance its tonal capabilities, Swenson Piano has the capacity to choose between numerous repair options that satisfy the musical requirement of individual customers.

Our structural rebuilding services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pinblock
  • + Repair

    + Replacement

  • Soundboard and Bridges
  • + Repair

    + Replacement

    + Design and Design Modification

  • Rescaling
  • Restringing

Action Rebuilding and Repair Services

From minor repairs, to complete replacement and design, our action repair options can be tailored to suit individual preferences for regulation parameters, and the resistance (inertia) required by individual pianists.

Depending on individual needs, our action repair capacities range from simple repairs and regulation, to complete action replacement, including key sets and key frames, each custom designed to fit individual players’ requirements.

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