About Swenson Piano

At Swenson Piano, we take pride in our ability to provide and repair the finest pianos available to interested clients. Through numerous years of experience in the music and piano industry, Swenson Piano has the insight and expertise needed to assist with your piano purchases, repairs and musical necessities. Swenson Piano was formed with the aim of establishing the eloquent and superior quality line of Seiler Piano instruments in Tennessee. We operate with a simple, but powerful idea: to offer the area’s musical community a product with an established reputation of excellence at a competitive price, backed by an unparalleled service program.

Meet Joe Swenson

Joe Swenson, founder of Swenson Piano, is Technical Director for Seiler North America. His broad experience in the piano industry includes both design and quality control consulting for several piano manufacturers in Europe and Asia. As a reputable piano technician for 35 years, Joe has specifically developed standards and procedures which enhance and maximize the musical experience of any quality piano. Originally developed for factory use, Joe’s methodology is being shared nationally with other technicians through the Piano Technicians Guild.

For the past ten years, Joe has been involved in the technical training opportunities offered to technicians through various dealer-sponsored events, and Piano Technicians Guild conventions. This training specifically focused on all aspects of regulation and voicing, along with a strong emphasis given to the technicians’ ability to perform their work efficiently.